I know how you feel. I can pretty much guarantee that wherever you are in your business right now, I have been there too. I know what it's like not to be able to see the wood for the trees, to be stuck in the cycle of working with too many of the wrong clients, not having enough time and receiving little or no financial reward. I know what a struggle it can be, stuck in a vicious circle of servicing everyone else and not having time to think about what you really want, let alone putting into place a plan to actually achieve it. I know you can't contemplate investing in yourself, but I know how much you need to.


I got out of that vicious cycle and am now blessed with a business that allows me to work with incredible clients and gives me that much needed balance and time with my family. You can benefit from my experience of over 14 years in business and have the same.


The Stellar Scholarship is your lifeline. I'm gifting one person both a four month long business consultancy and lifetime access to the Inimitable Institute and all the courses that are released in it. It's worth in excess of £4000.


No strings attached. This is my way of giving back.


For more details and to submit your application, look through the information below. I can't wait to hear from you and help you make the changes you need to that will impact both your business and your life.


what's it all about?

Why the Stellar Scholarship?


It's Stellar for two reasons. Firstly because your business will become stellar. So exceptional and so outstanding that your ideal clients will be lining up round the block to work with you. It will be rewarding both financially and creatively and you will love each and every job you take on. I want you to rediscover your passion for what you do, and what you're damn good at, and I want your business to allow you to do that every day.


But it's not all about the work. We're used to wearing our busy-ness as a badge of honour but I don't believe we should. Life is for living and our businesses should enable us to do everything we want to with it. Balance is key and for most of us that means spending quality time with our friends and family. I know that there have been many years I have hardly seen those who are important to me; working on multiple weddings every weekend throughout the season, and have missed out on so much. Secondly, my Grandmother, Stella, was a huge part of my life when I was growing up, and the memory of her is a reminder of what's important and drives me to ensure I spend as much time as possible with those that I love. Throughout our work together I will push you to make decisions based on what's right for both your business and your life, as neither can thrive without the other.

scroll down to find out what's included...


Kim set me achievable changes to make which have already resulted in clients finding me who value me and my work. Just a few weeks after our session I took my first top package booking



what's included?

The scholarship is worth in excess of £4000 with a full consultancy package and unlimited online courses.




~ A full day in-person intensive consultancy session held at a country retreat in Sussex


~ Comprehensive goal setting workbook to set the scope for our time together


~ 10 x weekly hour long Skype business coaching sessions


~ Private access to me throughout, and all my templates and worksheets


** PLUS **


~ Lifetime access to the Inimitable Institute, an online business school launching this autumn. You will have complimentary access to every course I create.


who's this for?

You are a creative business owner working primarily in the wedding industry. You have been in business for a while but want to make a change. To reprioritise and change tack, to create something that really works for you. You've realised that the business you have now isn't the one you intended to have and are stuck. You may feel time is slipping away and you have no plans in place for when you start a family or you may already feel like the juggle is just too much of a struggle. You may be considering throwing in the towel and heading back to the 9-5 but you know deep down you love what you do, you just want to do it in a different way.


I'm here to help you take a more considered approach. To evaluate what's important, to make changes in a thoughtful and intentional way. If this sounds like you, and you want your next season to be different then don't hesitate to apply, it may just be the best decision you've made this year!

any more questions? read the faqs below or scroll down if you're ready to apply


frequently asked questions

how many scholarship places are there?

There's just one place available.

i've just started my business, can i apply?

This particular scholarship programme is geared towards those who have been in business for a while. I offer consultancy for start-ups and have lots of helpful resources here that can help you.

what about confidentiality?

All applications to the scholarship programme and the content of all consultancy sessions are confidential. If you are successful I would encourage you to share your progress as I believe it helps to keep you accountable but that is entirely up to you. I pride myself on my discretion with my clients and would never share anything unless it was previously agreed by us both.

how will the winner be chosen?

I will shortlist to a final selection and then the winner will be chosen at random from that. I want to make a big impact to your business, so the more information you can give me on your application form the better.

when does it start?

Applications are welcomed through to the 16th August. The winner will be announced shortly after and our sessions will start in September. The in-person day will take place on a mutually convenient day in the week beginning 16th September 2019 and we will then schedule all our Skype calls. You will need to organise transport to and from our venue which is near Chichester, West Sussex.


All of the materials, templates and presentations I share are copyright and may not be distributed. They are for your own use only.


how to apply

Applying to the scholarship programme is really simple. Just fill in your details below and you will be sent a copy of the application form. You have until the 16th August 2019 to apply so take your time and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. My email address is and I'm always happy to be contacted. Good luck and I look forward to receiving your application!

Kim x

Scholarship application

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