Aren't we lucky?! We get to work in the most creative, uplifting industry of all. We are surrounded by love, beauty and incredible people. But I know better than anyone that it can also be overwhelming, tricky to navigate and sometimes lonely.


I'm Kim and I have been in the wedding industry pretty much my whole life. As a teenager, enchanted by silk gowns and beaded headpieces, I would spend my weekends assisting at a bridal boutique and helping to organise fashion shows and exhibitions. I was fascinated. Not only by the brides themselves and the dreams they wanted to make come true, but also by the business owners I worked alongside. Incredibly inspirational, these women were my heroines and I aspired to be just like them.



Fast forward ten years, a business degree and career in education, the pull of entrepreneurship and the industry I loved so much was too great and I made the bold decision to quit my job and set up as a wedding planner. At the time, a relatively new concept in the UK, I worked hard to establish myself as a force within the industry and my name quickly became synonymous with beautiful, elegant weddings and these celebrations were published across the globe.


I worked hard, goodness did I work hard! But I lacked any kind of life outside of that; with weddings every weekend from March - October I lost touch with many friends, hardly saw my family and became burnt out at the end of every season.


When I became pregnant with my first child I was forced to take a hard look at the life I had created for myself. I started to put in place processes, a strategy and streamlined my business. I raised my rates, booked high-end clients who really challenged me creatively and logistically and for the first time felt really fulfilled. I got to spend the time with my family I craved and finally felt I could run my business on my terms.


I created Inimitable to help you do the same. Whatever it is that you want more of, I want your business to enable you to have it. We work together to ensure you are equipped with the tools you need to move away from the overwhelming hustle and create a business that feels good. One that not only gives you the freedom to create what you love and work with higher-end clients, but also has solid processes and financial foundations in place to ensure you're in it for the long term.


Through workshops, online courses and powerful consultancy my goal is to empower you to create a business like no other and become truly Inimitable.

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