It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

It takes a huge team of people to create a distinctive wedding. You are the ringmaster – amassing all these talented professionals together to bring the celebration to life. Having a team on board that are a joy to work with make the experience of planning the wedding much more enjoyable for you and ultimately for your client.

I’ve worked with some amazing people over the years, and also some that I would never want to work with again! I’ve found tact, diplomacy and killing with kindness is the best way to deal with a tricky supplier! Thankfully it doesn’t happen very often and I have built a brilliant network of super suppliers who I know will deliver above and beyond the brief every single time.

The suppliers you choose to work with can make or break a wedding and ultimately your reputation. They are absolutely crucial to you delivering what you promise, and developing a tried and trusted network of professionals is key to running a successful wedding planning consultancy.

You will work with a large number of suppliers on each wedding, from the venue to the photographer to the florist, the stationer, the caterer and everyone in between. It is vital that you all work together as a team both in the run up to the wedding and on the day itself.

But how to choose them, select them for each wedding and build a strong working relationship?

Take time to get to know and to vet suppliers that you’ll recommend to your clients. Firstly do you like them, can you see yourself working with them over months and on many weddings, view their portfolio and ask them about their experience, do they have the necessary legal entities in place such as public liability insurance or PAT testing for electrical equipment and do you feel confident that they understand your vision and can bring it to life.

Are they aligned with the kind of clients you want to attract? Your network can also become a great source of potential weddings, so it’s likely that you’ll all be working with similar style and budget celebrations. If they share the same ethos and ethics as you, you’ll naturally attract a similar clientele.

Reach out far and wide to people you’d like to work with, and understand you can’t work with everyone every time. Even now there are still some suppliers who I have known for years but who I’ve never had the opportunity to work with – the right wedding just hasn’t arisen. I’ve nurtured my relationship with them though and we both know that as soon as the situation comes about (which it will) to bring the perfect wedding, we will work together and the results will be beautiful.

As a full service wedding planner your clients rely on you to shortlist all their suppliers and make recommendations on who would work best for their individual wedding. This means you need to have an army of talent up your sleeve and people you know will deliver.

“your clients will trust that you’ve selected the ultimate team of professionals to make their wedding day dreams reality.”

I’m lucky to have worked with some wonderful people over the years, many of whom I now count as good friends. Align yourself with professionals who can help you elevate your offering and share like minded clients. You are in control of your business, so you are ultimately in control of who your work colleagues are – now isn’t that the dream?!


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