Why Inimitable?

Welcome to the blog! And to the new website, and new company! Why Inimitable? Well ultimately, as a wedding planner, your clients buy YOU. You may have a gorgeous portfolio, an impressive list of venues you’ve worked at, a little black book to make anyone jealous, but it all boils down to whether your client connects with you as a person – if they do, they will be hooked and you will book those clients with grace and ease.

Our industry is competitive. It has grown exponentially over the last 15 or so years – when I started The Pink Pumpkin my first wedding planning consultancy, there were only a handful of planners in the UK and it was something that was starting to come across from the States. We had to work hard to convince people that they needed someone to help, that we weren’t there to control and that our services were worth paying for. To a certain extent this is still the case, but more and more couples are actively searching for planners; particularly those at the higher end of the market, which is where Inimitable and I come in. I want to help you capture these clients, so you can spend less time convincing people to work with you and more time actually creating the weddings you love.

I made a conscious decision a few years ago to only work on those weddings which really made my heart sing, and with clients who I felt completely aligned with. I took on less bookings, but better bookings. They paid more, I had more creative freedom and I felt completely respected and trusted in my role as a planner.The high-end client is discerning. They need a certain level of understanding and they have to totally trust that you know what you’re doing, that you get them and that you are in complete control of everything.

Once you discover the magic that makes you inimitable and learn how to express it every step of the way in your business you too can book those clients that you truly desire and create a business that works for you right now.

This is going to look different for everyone. You may want to specialise in festival wedding weekends, have a love for marquee or outdoor celebrations or hope to capture the luxury hotel market – whatever makes you happy and allows you to show off your talent and creativity to the best extent will work for you. Because when you do more of what makes you happy, that ultimately shines through your whole business; your clients will be happier and the celebrations that you craft be more magical and meaningful than ever.

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