Wedding Planner Pro Tips – make a list (and check it twice)

You will have been working on this wedding for a long time and there’s no room for error or second chances. Keeping good records of everything is absolutely essential and double checking all communication with your suppliers is key.

Ensure they all have the correct locations, postcodes, timings and contact numbers. Double check that all invoices have been settled ahead of the day or that there’s cash available if necessary.

Check the timelines you’ve created are appropriate and talk them through with key suppliers such as photographers and caterers. Triple check your guest number count and names against your RSVPs and the table plan – a sure fire way of having an unhappy guest is to not have them on the seating chart!

Check the wording of the invitations; have they got the correct addresses on, and times, dates, RSVP etc.

You get the idea – check, check and check again!

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