Featured on Ruffled Blog

I’m thrilled that one of my styled editorial shoots has been featured on the international Ruffled blog. The shoot which was at Somerley was inspired by the story of the venue itself, and the beautiful furnishings inside. Antique dining chairs which had been upholstered with tapestries of blousy bouquets in the prettiest pastel shades inspired the colour scheme and florals.

Editorial shoots are such a great way to hone your creative style, and to move your brand up a level. You attract what you put out – if you dream of doing outdoor weddings but your portfolio is mainly hotel ballrooms then a styled shoot can be a great way to inspire your clients and show that you are capable of creating something magical in the setting that you want to.

They can also be a lovely way to network with suppliers and work with people who you want to, but have not yet had the opportunity to. Don’t be afraid to approach people with your idea but be specific about what you are creating, who you’re going to be ‘talking to’ with the shoot and where you’re going to be pitching it to. A lot of my clients are international so it makes sense for me to have my work featured on international blogs – however if you’re concentrating on your local area or specifically want to work with clients in the South of France for example, think carefully about who you should submit to for maximum exposure.

Above all, have fun! You’re designing without the constraints of a client, so enjoy the process, refine your skills and create something wonderful! xo

PS if you’d like a gander, the whole shoot can be seen here on Ruffled Blog.